Sunday, June 21, 2009


wow it has been quite awhile since i posted and i am just gonna tell you about softball!! Thursday nights me and shay play in logan and last thursday we dominated the team wwe played!! i don't remember what the score was but we did AWESOME. I got s double and triple. Both my hits went out to left field. I played catch and third base. I love softball and the people in my team are really fun to be with!! well thats about it!!! lol :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

brotherly love

mick and i have this special bond that i don't have with any of my other siblings. maybe it's because he don't cry or yell like the other two do. don't get me wrong i love my sisters to but mick is the boy and is so much easier to get along with!! lol but i do love my siblings equally but mick and i have that special bond. !!! :D

the pig

this is me while i was showing my pig in spanish fork. i attend not to smile but when the whole entire crew is saying just smile so i can get a picture this is what they get out of me!! lol i did good but i really don't know how to show a pig i would rather stick with my steers and heifers but its some more money and its a lot of fun to hang out with the summers fam! i will never forget any of the fairs that we go to they are so much fun with our friends and the people we meet!!!!

Spanish fork

k well we went spanish fork like a long time ago but i am a little slow at posting so here it is. this is me when i was showing my heifer. i took both a pig and my heifer! this is me with my heifer before the show. we did good but she was stubborn but we came in 3rd overall so i wasn't to mad !! lol

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Shelby

Where has the time gone. You are such a sweetie and always full of smiles. I love you sweetheart. I love that we are such good friends and can talk about anything. I love to watch you learn new things though some might be challenging you keep your head high because you can do anything. I love you and hope for the best year any girl could have. BTW this post is from MoM :)

Keep smiling and anything can happen
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what a kid

ok well as most of you know this is my little bro "MICK". Mick loves to wrestle. He says that he never loses a match ( what a positive attitude) Mick never gives up he always wants to do his best whether the WHOLE family is there or if it is just my mom he is always wanting us to be proud of his GREAT win!! Mick is quite the kid he just LOVES to WIN!! ( doesn't everyone). Micck is such a GREAT example to me!!! I LOVE you mick and keep it up!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

proud supporters

Like no Udder WOW well as you can see we are PROUD to be supporters of the FFA!! Shaunie is the secretary and are family LOVES it because we get to go and help with their fundraisers we also get to have all the officers come to our house to have their parties!! We also just love to be apart of it. These pics are from DONKEY BASKETBALL!!! probably the funniest event they do all year! lol Thanks shaunie for the fun times we have had!!!!! :) :)


me and mason